Super heavy elements explained on video

It is not often that a scientist can clearly say to a non-specialist what he/she is working on. Thanks to Pr Martyn Poliakoff from the University of Nottingham (UK) and Brady Haran, it is now possible for me. They released a quite simple explanation of the recent efforts to produce new super heavy elements.

It consists in three short videos on YouTube:

    • the first one is a visit of the GSI facility where elements from Z=107 to Z=112 were synthesised for the first time, introducing the method used ;

    • the second video is a comment on the attempt to produce new element Z=120 at GSI. I am currently analysing the transfer products (so-called background) of this experiment ;

  • the last video deals with the confirmation by my colleagues of Lund University of the existence of the element Z=115 (still at GSI). I am one (among many) of the co-authors of the article.