Key words

particle physics (hep-ph), high-energy astrophysics (astro-ph), ultra-high energy cosmic rays, Galactic magnetic field

Origin and progation of the ultra-high energy cosmic rays through the Galactic magnetic field

The origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECR), i.e. with an energy above 10^18 eV, is still an open question. In order to make a breakthrough, finding the potential sources of such cosmic rays may help to discriminate between top-down scenarios (cosmic rays as decay products of some super-massive particles of mass close to the Grand Unified Scale) and bottom-up scenarios (existence of an acceleration process to make cosmic rays reach such a high energy). Backtracking methods, used for this purpose, are sensitive to the Galactic magnetic field (GMF), for which the modelling is also an open question. At last, confrontation with data from AGASA, HiRes and Pierre Auger Observatory may provide an answer.